רמקול LINE ARRAY קומפקטי הכולל 2 אלמנטים "12+ 6 דרייברים "4+ 2 טוויטרים "1.4.

תחום היענות- 62Hz-19kHz.

זויות פיזור 10*90.

עצמה 144dB


VUE’s al-Class line array systems have achieved international recognition for raising the bar for sonic definition, through a combination of advanced transducer design and tightly integrated dsp. The al-12 takes the Acoustic Linearity concept further dramatically increasing overall output to expand the scale of applications that can benefit from the al-Class’ pristine sonic performance.


  • Three-way, High output true Line Array design
  • New State-of the Art transducer technology with
    • 3-inch Diamater Beryllium HF very high output with exceptional clarity
    • Kevlar MF driver with larger voice coil and magnet for more output before power compression
  • Integrated VUEDrive™ System Engines with SystemVUE network control and Dante networking audio distribution.
  • Fully compatible with VUEPoint beam steering technology
  • Extremely Scalable – Continuous Source Topology (CST™) technology allows the combination of  al-12 acoustic elements with al-8s and al-4s to build complex hybrid arrays
  • Integrated flying hardware allows quick assembly of large arrays
  • Full complement of system optimized subwoofers, flying and transport accessories

VUE has been hard at work on creating a high-output system for large-scale applications that would remain faithful to the fidelity standards established with the al-4 and al-8 systems. Retaining the bandwidth, definition, and linearity of VUE’s smaller line array systems while producing output levels required for large stadium applications, was no small accomplishment.  In fact, it required a re-thinking of possibilities, effectively resulting in the development of a whole new set of advanced transducers, new suspension designs, and system packaging.

The al-12 was designed from the ground up to cover large-scale applications while preserving the unique ability to integrate with all of the al-Class members in hybrid arrays. The al-12 utilizes VUE’s proprietary Continuous Source Topology (CST™) technology to achieve seamless performance and system scalability across all al-Class line array elements.

Like the al-Class’ al-4 and al-8, the al-12 line array system utilizes VUE’s most advanced technologies and innovative designs to deliver superior sonic performance and unparalleled versatility. Cutting-edge technologies such as the new purpose-built 3-in beryllium compression driver, Kevlar/Neo transducers, precision amplification and DSP, as well as onboard SystemVUE networking and full compatibility with the VUEPoint beam steering technology, allow the highly scalable al-12 to deliver unprecedented performance to an even broader range of sound reinforcement applications.

The ‘al-12 Line Array System’ is made up of the al-12 Acoustic Elements and rack-mount V3 Systems Engines. The V3 combines a highly refined DSP architecture and onboard SystemVUE networking capabilities allowing easy assembly of sophisticated networks with remote management and control available via the intuitive SystemVUE software.