רמקול LINE ARRAY קומפקטי הכולל 2 אלמנטים "8+ 4 דרייברים "4+ טוויטר "1.

תחום היענות- 75Hz-18kHz.

זויות פיזור 10*90.

עצמה 125dB


The al-8 Compact Line Array System picks up where the al-4 Subcompact Line Array System leaves off. The al-8 ‘Acoustic Linearity’ element utilizes VUE’s most advanced technologies including CST™ to extract exceptional performance from its compact design. Innovative technologies such as beryllium compression drivers, Kevlar/Neo transducers, precision amplification and DSP, onboard SystemVUE networking, and full compatibility with the VUEPoint beam steering technology allow the highly scalable al-8 to deliver unprecedented performance to a broad range of mid-sized sound reinforcement applications.


  • Each al-8 Compact Line Array System “block” includes
    four al-8 Acoustic Elements and a single VUEDrive™ V6 Systems Engine
  • Scalable by adding or removing other al-Class acoustic elements,
    or combining multiple al-8 blocks
  • Onboard SystemVUE™ networking
  • Fully compatible with VUEPoint beam steering technology
  • Integrated flying hardware allows quick assembly of arrays of up to 16 elements per flybar
  • Optional flying and transport accessories available
  • The al-8 can be used as elements in complex CST™ Hybrid Array along with al-12’s and al-4’s

Blocking The VUE

The al-8 Line Array System is made up of the al-8 Acoustic Element and rack-mount VUEDrive™ V6 Systems Engine. The V6 combines a highly sophisticated DSP architecture with enough amplifier power to tri-amp up to four al-8 acoustic elements. In addition, onboard SystemVUE networking capabilities allow easy assembly of sophisticated networks with remote management and control available via the intuitive SystemVUE™ control software.


The system is sold in standard blocks, with four al-8 Acoustic Elements and a single V6 Systems Engine comprising a single block. Multiple al-8 blocks can be combined to address larger applications.

For applications where extended low-frequency is required, the al-8 can be used with the al-8SB integrated flyable subwoofer and is fully compatibility with a variety of other VUE subwoofers. Flexible options allow flying, or ground stacking. All al-Class elements are DANTE Enabled.

Easy Assembly and Instant Results

The al-8 Line Array System benefits from a highly sophisticated DSP architecture that allows each individual component-from transducers, amplifiers and cabinets, all the way out to the SystemVUE software itself–to work in perfect harmony for precise control and easy operation. In fact, the technology is so smart, that al-8 designers were able to pre-load the V6 Systems Engine with a library presets that dramatically improve ‘out -of-the-box’ performance while streamlining setup. Operators simply assemble the array, select the desired preset from the SystemVUE software, then align the physical placement. Minimal EQ or tweaking is required and the operator is free to concentrate on creating the perfect mix.