רמקול סאב למערכת LINE ARRAY AL-8 קומפקטי הכולל אלמנט "18.

זויות פיזור 360*360.

תחום היענות 36Hz-200kHz.

עצמה 132dB


The al-8SB is a subwoofer designed specifically for use with the al-8 Line Array System. The al-8SB provides high output low frequency response from a compact and easily flyable package. When combined with an al-8 line array system, the al-8SB extends powerful and well defined low frequency reproduction down to below 35Hz. The al-8SB can be used in flown arrays along with additional ground stacked VUE subwoofers for applications requiring impressive low frequency output.


  • Integrated rigging and optional flybars allow al-8SB systems to be flown above or aong side of al-8 acoustic elements arrays, as well as in a stand-alone flown low frequency arrays
  • Skids and versatile hardware allows for easy ground stacking with al-8 acoustic elements
  • Versatile integrated flying hardware and fly bars allows the easy assembly of  ground stacked and flown arrays with al-8’s and al-4 for maximum flexibility.
  • Optimal performance is achieved when used with VUEDrive™ Systems Engines
  • Expanding the al-8 System

The al-8SB is designed to be flown as an array and supports cardiod configuration. The al-8-SB can be ground stacked with the al-8 three-way full range elements, as well as be flown together in a single array using four transition links with the new al-8SBFB (fly bar).

Rugged and Versatile Enclosure 

The al-8SB enclosure is constructed of top quality birch plywood, coated in the same durable 12-step Dura-Coat LX finish as the al-8 acoustic elements. Extensive interior bracing ensures resonant-free low frequency performance. The machined, powder-coated steel grill with acoustically transparent lining provides ample driver protection while completing the refined al-Class aesthetic.

Integrated suspension hardware ensures that the al-8SB is perfectly configured for use in any al-8 line array system in both flown as well as ground stacked configurations. Recessed handles and skids are standard along with recessed front and rear mounted dual Neutrik® Speakon sockets which provide easy input connection from the back in both conventional and cardioid arrays.