HM-108A רמקול מוניטור

רמקול מוניטור מוגבר "8 + טוויטר ברליום "1.

עצמה מקסימלית 126dB, כולל מגבר פנימי בהספק 305 WATT RMS.

זוית פיזור 40*70 מעלות.

תחום היענות 75Hz-21kHz.

כולל חיבור XLR אנלוגי ודיגיטלי, חיבור לרשת עבור פרוססור.



Subject to the same “No Compromises” design philosophy behind our flagship h-Class systems, the new hm-108A leverages VUE’s most advanced technologies to deliver exceptional output and definition from a very compact and highly durable package.

From their precision transducers with cutting-edge diaphragm and suspension components, to the internal VUEDrive Systems Engine, all aspects of the hm-108a work in perfect harmony to deliver unparalleled output and fidelity for the most demanding fold-back applications.

Rugged and Purposeful Enclosure Design

The precision-engineered transducers are housed in a rugged and extremely low-profile enclosure that ensures clear sight lines from the audience (or camera) to performers,  while providing a large sweet spot for talent–whether directly over the monitor or downstage.

Durability is ensured thanks to a rugged, 12-step DuraCoat LX finish and a heavily braced, powder coated grill capable of surviving the most dramatic lean-ins, stomps, or occasional “axe” bludgeoning.

Road Tested and Stage Ready

Thoughtful cabinet design ensures that the hm monitors offer minimal visual intrusion between audience and performer.  Their uniquely low profile ensures that coveted sight lines are preserved for set designers and video producers alike, while also reducing required truck space when it’s time to pack up and go.

The hm-108A monitor offers exceptionally clean and wide dynamic range – allowing monitor engineers to place solos or vocals in the front of the mix, exactly where they belong.

Finally, the hm-108A  benefits from sophisticated DSP via the internal VUEDrive Systems Engine. This ensures minimal reflections and optimal tuning to avoid the typical hurdles that plague less sophisticated monitor systems.  Thanks to Michael Adams’ real-world perspective, hm monitors arrive from the factory fully ready to rock, with minimal tweaking.