PVi – 10

זוג רמקולים מסדרת PV, קלי משקל – מתוצרת PEAVEY – בתיבה מעץ!!!


ערכת רמקולים הכוללת:
  • זוג רמקולים בתיבת עץ דקורטיבית, 2way.
  • וופר "10 + טוויטר.
  • הספק 100w.
  • תחום היענות: 85Hz – 20kHz.
  • נצילות: 90db.



קובץ PDF


The PVi 10 is a two-way speaker system featuring a 10" woofer and a high frequency drive on an exponential horn. The lightweight-yet-rugged, carpet covered trapezoidal enclosure with top handle is ideal for live music, speech and music playback applications. A full length, black powder-coated steel grille provides driver protection and a professional appearance. The PVi 10 speaker system is rated at 50 watts program power handling. Its smooth response makes this system ideal for smaller venues where space is

at a premium, and its two 1/4" input connectors keep amplifier hookup simple.



Carpet covered
Metal grille
10" premium speaker
Horn-loaded high frequency driver
Two-way enclosure
50 watts continuous, 100 watts program
Side-position monitor
Control-mount adaptor