רמקול להתקנה בתקרה אקוסטית הכולל:
  • וופר "6 קואקסיאלי.
  • שנאי קו בהספק משתנה 1.25W עד 10W.
  • תחום היענות 120Hz-18kHz
  • נצילות 90db.
  • גריל מתכת.

The Australian Monitor QuickFit range of ceiling speakers has been an industry staple for over a decade. This refreshed series of QuickFit dual cone flush mount ceiling speakers are now better than ever. Offering improved voicing of these great products, refined toggle mounting system, and including all the information you need at your fingertips with a new cut out template providing wiring, wattage tapping and cut out information. Together these new and improved features provide an even better installation experience.

The QuickFit dual cone series QF5CS, QF6CS, QF6WRC, QF8CS and QF8CSB provide cost effective solutions for a myriad of commercial audio applications such as education, shopping centres, common areas, RSLs, clubs, restaurants, fire evacuation systems and many more applications that requires a reliable high quality affordable commercial ceiling speaker product. Each model also features a supervisory capacitor as standard to allow for evacuation system integration.

QuickFit EASE® and EASE® Address GLL files Download

EASE® is a registered trademark of AFMG Technologies GmbH

  • 6 inch dual cone driver
  • QuickFit white ABS plastic baffle and powder coated steel grill
  • 1.25, 2.5, 5, 10 watt taps @ 100V
  • Evac. capacitor as standard