VR – 112 MKII

Versarray – סדרת רמקולי תלייה מתוצרת PEAVEY – בעיצוב חדש!!!


    • רמקול LINE ARRAY בהספק 1000w .
    • וופר "12 Black Widow ניאודיניום.
    • 2 טוויטרים "4.75 Ribbon.
    • תחום היענות 100Hz-24KHz.
    • מתאמים לחיבור בין רמקולים עם אפשרות לקביעת זווית.
    • 2 כוסיות לסטנד עם זוויות שונות.
    • ארגז עץ.

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The Versarray™ 112 MKII Ribbon Driver Line Source Array module consists of a new 12" Neo Black Widow® woofer combined with a neodymium-based Peavey RD™ woofer combined with a neodymium-based Peavey RD™ 2.6 ribbon driver in a cabinet with a highly flexible rigging system. Designed to provide modualr coverage of small medium venues, and intended for use with the companion Versarray Sub models, the Versarray 112 MKII offers extreme versatility and high-performance capability.



Two-way Bi-Amp Ribbon Line Source Array SR System
12" Neo Black Widow® 4" VC Woofer
1,000 watt program, 2000 watt peak power handling
New Ribbon Driver with Neo magnet, 50% more power handling and 2dB more sensitivity!
90 Degrees H by 15 Degrees V coverage pattern (per one cabinet)
Easy aiming angle adjustment rigging system Angle adjustable in 2 1/2 degree increments from 0 to 15 degrees, total angle betwwn adjacent cabinets
Sound Guard™ tweeter protection
Inputs are two Neutrik® Speakon® 4-pin jacks in parallel
18mm 13-ply Baltic birch enclosure
Durable HammerHead™ polyurethane finish
Weight Unpacked: 64.82 lb(29.4 kg)