ATDM 0604


מיקסר אוטומטי (SmartMixer) הכולל Echo Canceller וממשק שליטה WEB.

המיקסר כולל:

  • 6 כניסות- מתוכם 4 כניסות mic ו-2 mic/line.
  • 3 יציאות- יציאת סטריאו+ יציאת מונו.
  • חיבור USB להקלטה,
  • חיבור רשת,
  • אופציה לשרשור 6 מיקסרים
  • ממשק שליטה על גבי רשת וגם עם ממשקי שליטה חיצוניים.



Digital SmartMixer with Acoustic Echo Canceller and web interface

The Smarter Mixer
In today’s meeting environments, you need a mixer that not only handles multiple microphones, but can seamlessly integrate other media inputs, as well – and output it all in a well-controlled mix to a variety of endpoints. Audio-Technica’s six-channel ATDM-0604 automatically mixes 6 mic inputs in gate or gain sharing mode, ensuring consistent, high-quality audio output that’s free of feedback, excessive ambient noise, and comb filtering. Featuring intuitive use, local and remote control options, superior echo cancellation and USB audio interface for soft codec applications, the ATDM-0604 gives you the power and flexibility to mix with extreme intelligence.

  • Onboard acoustic echo cancelling (AEC)
  • 12-band parametric EQ
  • SmartMix modes with gain sharing or gating options
  • 4 balanced mic inputs, 2 balanced Mic/Line inputs and 1 stereo unbalanced input
  • 1 stereo and 2 mono outputs
  • 2-channel USB audio interface for soft codec (Skype, WebEx) integration or playback from computer
  • Full digital processing on inputs and outputs
  • 8 x 3 audio routing matrix
  • 6-channel Smart Mix (gate or gain sharing)
  • Front panel direct operation and Web Remote functionality
  • IP control for third-party CCS administration
  • Up to 6 mixers can be linked using Cat5e cable